What you’ll need

1. Google Chrome
2. Mozilla Firefox (2.x and above)
3. Internet Explorer (7 and above)

Without one of these, you won't be able to enjoy using our SEO scripts.

Included SEO scripts

HTTP Header Viewer

View the headers of the site of your choice. […]

Site Spider Viewer

Find various SEO statistics and spider information about your site. […]

Search Engine Saturation Checker

Check the number of pages search engines have listed from your website. […]

Search Engine Position Checker

Check the position of a single site with a single keyword on various search engines. […]

Reciprocal Link Checker

Check multiple sites to see if they are really linking back to you. […]

No-Follow Finder

Scan a website to find no-follow links to various other sites. […]

Multi-Rank Checker (PageRank and Alexa)

Check multiple websites’ PageRank and Alexa rank. […]

Multiple Keyword Search Engine Position

Check a website’s search engine position with multiple keywords. […]

Link Suggestion Generator

Generate links that relate to the keyword/topic of your choosing. […]

Link Popularity Checker

Check the number of links pointing to the website of your choice. […]

What we’ll give you

1. Actionable SEO knowledge and tools
2. A 20% discount on our SEO services
3. SEO-related e-mail support

(and we'll even go drinking with you too)